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Jewish Study

Jewish Study


 Learn It. Live It. Love It. . . .

When was the last time you allowed yourself the opportunity to step back and think about life in an environment that inspires feelings of hope, purpose, meaning, and value?

Whether you are a first-time learner or have years of prior Torah study, we have something to offer you. The courses follow a powerful path of discovery and depth, touching the Jewish soul of its learners.

The teaching is authentic, real. and is all conveyed in a safe environment that embraces every student. So take a moment, browse the topics and register.  You deserve no less.

 Day and time of each class will be determined based on the schedule of the participants.   

A society dedicated to intellectual discovery and lively discussion. A society that explores the fundamental principles of Jewish faith – in fact, of human civilization – as put forth in the Ten Commandments. Stipend provided.
A safe forum to explore and discuss relevant topics like love & relationships, intimacy, gender roles, purpose and more through the lens of Judaism.
Learn new strategies for overcoming obstacles to personal change and progress. Study the "DNA" of your soul and discover how to traverse life’s journey with joy, purpose, and direction.
Are you writing a paper on a Jewish topic and would like some help with your research? Is there anything Jewish you’d like to explore or some questions you’d like to talk about?

The Shabbat Learners’ Minyan provides a relaxed, intimate setting in which to learn how to participate in a traditional Shabbat morning service.