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Judaic Studies Research Consultation and Personalized Torah Study

Judaic Studies Research Consultation and Personalized Torah Study


Are you writing a paper on a Jewish topic and would like some help with your research?
Is there anything Jewish you’d like to explore or some questions you’d like to talk about?
Rabbi Tzvi and Chanie are here to help you.  

We are available for one on one learning and discussion on any Jewish topic of your choice. No questions off–bounds!

Email us and we’ll set up a time to chat.
Possible topics include: 


What is the Jewish perspective on the hot button issues of today? Drawing on sources from the Torah, this course examines hotly debated contemporary political issues from an authentic Jewish perspective.
Explore Judaism's Oral Tradition and its complex yet successful system. A system that ensures structure and clarity on the one hand, richness and flexible adaptation on the other.
Explore the basics of “a day in the life of a Jew” and learn what we do and why we do it. Investigate the sources and meaning of the essential elements of active Jewish life with a focus on the spiritual, the soul within each act.
This course will examine some of the difficult issues confronting the modern Jew who is seeking a closer connection to G-d and Mitzvot.
Yesterday's science fiction is today's medical reality. Explore what Judaism has to say about key issues in medicine.
This course will help you transform prayer into a spiritual vehicle for connection with G-d. Learn the basic format, translation and deeper meaning of daily and holiday prayers.
An-in-depth look at Jewish women through the ages and what we can learn from their struggles, triumphs and way of life.
Based on the classic work, Aishet Chayil.
Ever feel lost at services because you can’t follow the Hebrew? Want to study the Torah in its original language? Perhaps it’s time to learn your own language. Learn to read Hebrew.
This course will serve as a gateway to the world of Talmud, offering its participants a glimpse into the unparalleled work that has influenced and shaped Jewish life for 2000 years.