Can I become a perfect person?
What obstacles stand in the way of personal change?
How can I overcome them?
Does G‑d want imperfect people?

Navigate your inner world with Tanya, Torah's deepest dimension.  It’s like a study of the DNA of your soul.

In this compelling course, learn new strategies for overcoming obstacles to change and progress and discover how to traverse life’s journey with joy, purpose, and direction.  

When: Time to be determined based on the schedule of participants. 

Duration: 6 sessions, 90 minutes

Where:  Chabad House click for directions.

With: Rabbi Tzvi or Chanie Backman

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Course Syllabus:

Lesson One: Soul Words
So you think you are perfect just the way are . . . or you think the idea of perfection is a myth and an impossibilty.  You think humans are born in sin, or that we are all pure until the world gets its hands on us...

Truth, of course, is always more nuanced.  And the only absolute is that nothing is absolute. we will begin our inner journey with a revolutionary new look at the basic moral divide.

Hint: If you think we're going to be drawing the line between good and evil, you are in for a big surprise.

Lesson Two: Getting a Grip on Yourself
Sometimes, life feels like one bif masquerade party.  Your inner child is dressed in high heels or a business suit, while your outer parent is busy throwing a major temper tantrum . . . It can be hard at times to tell what's really you and what's just there for show.

In this lesson, we take a close look at insides and outsides, and how to get the two halves to fit into a single whole. 

Lesson Three: Sync or Sink
Would you like to be a perfect person in just 30 days?  Are you looking for a pill to solve your problems?  Or have you made peace with the fact that meaningful change is a process which requires lots of patience, hard work and dedication?

Whatever your preference, we've got something for you in this lesson.  Tanya presents two methods, the 'quick fix', for instant inspiration, and the long term solution, for radical, fundemental change.

Lesson Four: The Joyride
Is your glass half empty or half full?  the answer lies in the perspective you choose to take.  Because happiness is an action, not a reaction: it is a state of mind, not a state of being: it lies not in your position but in your disposition.

In this lesson,  you will learn how to keep life from getting you down, and the secret to greeting each day with genuine joy and optimism.

Lesson Five: The Big Picture
Do you ever feel like you keep dealing with the same problems over and over again?  Does life feel like you are running on a treadmill to nowhere, where you need to keep moving just to stay in the same place?  If you are trying to get across town, a treadmill is a very poor means of transportation. But if your goal is developing stamina or getting into shape, a treadmill is quite an effective device.

In this lesson, you'll learn to consider your recurring personal struggle in the larger framework of the universe.  You may never become perfect.  But perhaps even an imperfect person can contribute to th emaking of a perfect world.

Lesson Six: Have a Heart
Can you think your way to love? Can you change the way you feel? If you have come this far, you know its possible.

In this final lesson, you'll learn how to use the power of your mind to nurture your emotions.  Thi skind of focused contemplation is a poerful tool for personal transformation, and it is the key to lifelong spiritual growth.