Schedule of Services and Meals  

Rosh Hashanah – 1st evening & morning schedule

Sunday, September 9 
Candlelighting 6:47PM
Evening Service: 6:45PM
Followed by Holiday Brisket Dinner: 7:30PM

Monday, September 10
Morning Services: 9AM
Shofar Blowing: 10AM, 12PM & 2PM
Holiday Luncheon: 2PM

Tashlich Walk to the Mystic River - meet at Chabad House: 3:30PM

Rosh Hashanah – 2nd evening & morning schedule

Monday, September 10
Candle Lighting: after 7:45PM 
Evening Service: 8PM
Followed by Holiday Brisket Dinner: 8:30PM

Tuesday, September 11
Morning Services: 9AM
Shofar Blowing: 10AM, 12PM & 2PM
Holiday Luncheon: 2PM

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Sunday Evening, September 9 - Holiday Dinner

Monday, September 10 - Holiday Lunch

Monday Evening, September 10 - Holiday Dinner

Tuesday, September 22 - Holiday Lunch

I can't make it to services but I would like to hear the shofar. Please contact me to arrange a time.

As always, there is no charge for the holiday dinners, however we welcome and encourage contributions to help cover the costs of the holiday.

You may indicate below how much you wish to donate with your RSVP. While a donation would be much appreciated, it is absolutely not required.

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