Our Sages tell us, that all that we accomplish on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur through solemnity and prayer can be achieved on Simchat Torah through joy. Join other students and give free reign to the unbridled passion of your soul and burning pride in being Jewish at the best party of the year.


Bring your friends for a thrilling, stress relieving, dance-till-you-drop, refreshments beyond belief (we're talking a huge, hot buffet) experience. This is the final holiday of the holiday season - let's give it all we've got!

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Monday Night, October 24 at 8pm

Let us know if you can make it by clicking here.

at Chabad House - for directions click here.

We will be hosting holiday dinners and lunches through the week. Please email


to RSVP.

Sunday, October 23: Eve of Shemini Atzeret:

Light Candles at: 6:03 pm

Evening Services and Warm up Hakafot 6:30pm

Shmini Atzeret Dinner: 8pm

Monday, October24

Shmini Atzeret Lunch: 12:30pm

Eve of Simchat Torah:

Light Candles after: 7:01 pm

Simchat Torah Hakafot and Buffet: 8pm