It’s no secret. Every semester, a select group of Tufts students join a society. A society dedicated to intellectual discovery and lively discussion. A society that explores the fundamental principles of Jewish faith – in fact, of human civilization – as put forth in the Ten Commandments. A society that exists at 45 other schools across the country. The Sinai Scholars Society.

The class meets on Monday nights in Chabad House for eight classes. Students participate in the discussion, embark on a field trip, experience a Shabbat, write a paper. And when they’re done, they can meaningfully discuss Judaism’s approach to such issues as faith, family, property, medical and business ethics, relationships, and much more.

Qualified students completing the course are awarded a stipend, and are invited to participate in follow-up leadership events both locally and nationally.

For the fall semester of 2015, the application process has begun.For more info or to apply: www.sinaischolars.com

Course Syllabus

Orientation Session

In this session, you will review the goals and requirements of the program.

Lesson One: If You Were G‑d

In this lesson, you will examine the structure and order of the ten commandments, and explore its role as the foundation of Jewish thought and modern civilization.

Lesson Two: Who Am I?

In this lesson, you will examine the Jewish concept of G‑d and the nature of Jewish belief. You will also investigate the contemporary relevance of the concept of idolatry.

Lesson Three: To Be or Not to Be

This lesson concentrates on the Jewish idea of the Sabbath and sanctity in time. You will become familiar with the basic practices governing the Jewish Sabbath, and you will look at the interplay between the Sabbath and the other days of the week.

Field Trip One

You will have the opportunity to observe and participate in a Shabbat dinner with your instructor.

Lesson Four: The Creators

This lesson looks at how Jewish law codifies the requirement to honor and respect

parents, and invites you to consider the significance of this commandment to our spiritual development.

Lesson Five: The Breath of Life

This lesson examines Jewish life ethics governing such issues as murder, suicide, euthanasia, and abortion.

Lesson Six: Born To Marry

This lesson focuses on the Jewish ethics concerning love and marriage.

Field Trip Two

Lesson Seven: For Love or Money ( Do Not Steal; Do Not Covet)

This lesson will explore the relationship between material wealth and how it can be reconciled with ethical values.

Gala Graduation Dinner