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Torah Abroad

Study Opportunities

Want to study? Want to volunteer? You name it, and we have a program that is suited for you at an incredibly low price.


Just as many students desire to further their education abroad, many also desire to strengthen their Jewish knowledge by participating in intellectual and inspiring Jewish experiences.  From California to Jerusalem, Chabad can help you choose the program that is right for you. 


Mayanot Institute

for Torah Study 
Website |  Apply Now | Cost


Mayanot Institute in Jerusalem, Israel, offers a Hebrew language learning program combined with a full curriculum in Jewish Philosophy, Talmud, Mysticism, Jewish Law, Chassidism and Jewish History.

Introductory and advanced learning programs for men and women. Winter/Summer break and semester-long learning programs, with several scholarship opportunities available.   


Website | Apply Now | Cost: $499

IsraeLinks is an educational trip which blends classroom study, hikes, tours, and group discussions into one great experience. Participants experience how Judaism enriches every aspect of their daily lives — intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. 



Mayanot Birthright

Website | Apply Now | Cost: FREE

10-day trip to Israel. The trips are open to any young Jewish adult aged between 18 and 26 who have never been to Israel before. 

Inward Bound Israel
Website | 

Apply Now for Summer Program | 

Apply Now for Post Birthright Program 

The Inward Bound summer program is designed to give the participant a sophisticated and holistic understanding of the major concepts, principles, and practices of Judaism. The Inward Bound post Birthright trip offers a  way to explore your connection to Israel after the trip. Don’t let your Taglit/Birthright trip end after ten days.  Extend the inspiration.



Website |

Apply for Galilee Fellowship - Cost: $500 |

Apply for Northern Exposure - Cost: $100 |


Galilee Fellowship: four weeks of hiking, volunteering, spiritual and cultural exploration in Israel.   

Northern Exposure: a one-week Israel experience program, offers participants an opportunity to encounter Israel through community service, off-the-beaten-track hiking, and spirituality workshops. 

Yeshiva Temimei Darech
Website | About

Summer Learning Retreat In Tzfat Israel: Discover your heritage in a creative and authentic environment, joining fellow seekers with little or no Jewish studies background.

The program is for Jewish men ages 18-31.

Situated in the picturesque city of Tzfat, where Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism were first revealed, YTD offers an unmatched atmosphere. Students can literally walk in the steps of our sages throughout history in a place where the spirit of our people is tangible.


Taste of Yeshiva  
Website | Apply Now | Cost: $36

Experience a genuine taste of Yeshivah life and learning at an exciting weekend on the beautiful 82-acre Rabbinical College of America campus located in picturesque Morristown, New Jersey!



Sinai Scholars Alumni Retreat

Website | Apply Now | Cost: FREE

The Sinai Scholars National Retreat is an incredible scholarship opportunity to attend a 5-day all-inclusive retreat that will change your life! The National Jewish Retreat is an annual event that takes place at Alexandria, Virginia (just minutes from DC) at the Hilton Alexandria-Mark Center. This affair attracts over twenty world-renowned scholars for a week of incredible programming that covers the spectrum of meaningful Jewish living and hundreds of people from across the globe. The Sinai Scholars Society has a limited number of FULL SCHOLARSHIP for the Retreat. The first five applicants who qualify from your campus will be able to attend.


Miami Torah Experience

Website | Apply Now | Cost: $499

The program is designed to combine intense academic study with opportunities for cultural, physical and recreational activities. Both your body and soul will enjoy a blend of structured classes, tutorials, student-faculty forums and guest lecturers. 


Yeshiva Teferes Bochurim 

Website |  973.267.9404 or 973.267.8005  

Full-time Yeshiva Studies Program Semester courses (university accredited).


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