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Chabad at Tufts Student Board

Chabad at Tufts is an officially recognized student group at Tufts University.  Motivated by the vision of vastly broadening the range of Jewish experiences and opportunities available for students at Tufts, this group is constantly involved in planning and creating programs and activities that will best serve the Jewish needs of the Tufts Community.

As you decide what you will make of the Jewish opportunities available, we encourage you to make the most of your college experience by participating in a variety of Jewish activities. At the Chabad House, it's easy and enjoyable, and you will have lots of company.

Josh Meininger '26 and Ilana Smaletz '26, Presidents

Julia Bergman '24, Graduate Student Liaison​

Nate Nemeth '24, Chaplaincy Liaison

Debora Kiperman Rojas '26, Treasurer​

Talia Bidner '27, Member at Large​

Sasha Bukary '25, Member at Large​

Eva Caro'25, Member at Large​

Vanessa Chermak '25, Member at Large

Whitney Cohen '26, Member at Large

Samantha Feinberg'26, Member at Large

Anat Katz '25, Member at Large

Ben Mirer '27, Member at Large

Carrie Ortner '25, Member at Large

Mia Rabinovich '25, Member at Large

Avi Shein '24Member at Large

Corey Title'26, Member at Large

Interested in contributing but don't have time for weekly board meetings? We've got you covered.

The CHALLAH (Chabad Activity-Led Leadership, Ad Hoc) program grants leadership opportunities to students who are unable to commit to weekly meetings but who still are still want to be involved in a community centered around bringing more life, fun, depth, and joy to the broader Jewish community at Tufts.  Allowing students the freedom to execute projects independently, CHALLAH thrives solely on the student projects that fuel it. 


CHALLAH is the seat of creativity within the Chabad at Tufts organization. Latest projects include the creation of a rabbi and student co-taught Yiddish class, an international Jewish food tasting with guest chefs, fraternity shofar bagel brunches, etc. all made to happen for students by students.  Whatever it is that gets you excited, we'll give you a boundless invitation to explore and experiment with new events, classes, and initiatives targeting what is meaningful and interesting to you.


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