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they're in good hands at


(Yes, they still miss you.)

Is Chabad

for me?

Thank you for raising such great children!

The love and warmth of home and family at Chabad House is an integral part of the college experience. Students come throughout the week to relax, enjoy and at times, to find a safe haven from the social and academic pressures of campus life.  We are here for you.  Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Send a long distance hug to your Jewish Jumbo — the Chabad House will deliver beautiful packages that will remind any Tufts student that they are thought about and cared for:


Birthday Wishes

Order a cake and send a special birthday Shabbat message to your child.



Get pumped for Chanukah and take the stress out of finals season.


Jewish Penicillin

Be a souper Jew and have homemade chicken soup delivered to a student who's under the weather.

Swedish Buns

“Never could I have imagined the warmth and family that I would find at Chabad. Rabbi Tzvi, Chanie and their entire family open their arms to the Tufts community in a way that can truly be experienced only by walking into their home. Their doors are always open, and they are welcoming to everyone."


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