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leave one family and find another


Homesick? Craving support? We've got you.

Shalom and Welcome to Tufts University!

Leaving for college can be ridiculously daunting. So for all Jewish Tufts students, the Chabad House is your "home away from home." Meet, greet, eat and socialize with other Jewish students in a warm atmosphere. Our activities are open to all regardless of Jewish affiliation, background or level of observance.

Experience the joy, excitement and uniqueness of each Shabbat and Jewish holiday with Chabad. Take part in Simchat Torah and Purim parties, elegant Passover Seders and Fondue B'shvat celebrations. Pop into one of the Sukkot across campus, take part in public menorah lightings and discover how meaningful the high holidays can be. Bring your friends and enjoy delicious, home-cooked holiday meals at a home you can call your own.  (We celebrate your birthdays, too.)

Study Talmud over coffee, learn to speak Yiddish, travel free to Israel, and more. When you are part of the Chabad network, you have family in every corner of the world.

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