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Chabad and the Tufts Academic Environment

The academic environment at Tufts University is designed to teach students to think independently, make decisions, take intellectual risks, challenge conventional wisdom, and explore new ideas. For the Jewish student this very often translates into an intellectual and daring exploration of Judaism. Chabad shares this intellectual approach to Jewish thought and encourages students to question, research, and study Judaism. 


Students are encouraged to take leadership roles on the
Chabad Board or CHALLAH helping foster the creation of the next generation of empowered Jewish leadership.

At Chabad, students are given the opportunity to discover the warmth and beauty of their heritage, and learn to apply the timeless Jewish principle of Ahavat Israel.


We believe that Jewish education and meaningful experiences are the grass-roots method to fighting indifference, apathy and assimilation that face our community today. For there to be a Jewish tomorrow, our students need to have a Jewish today!

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