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Light up a Life

Butternut Pie Sale

Welcome to Butternut Pie Central!  Chanie's famous pie, known across the country and even around the world, has delighted legions over the years, entertaining families and students and the centerpiece of Shabbat at Chabad. 


Now you can take one home. Or more than one. We've had orders of up to fifteen for a single person (that was to feed a film crew) and often at least two for a single person to bring home to their family for Thanksgiving.

Here's the best part - of the proceeds of the pie sale will go directly to the Light up a Life Toy Drive.

The cost for a single pie is $18 and the supply is limited.

If placing large orders, please be sure to order early so we can get everything ready for you!

Please specify in the options below when you would like to pick up your pie at Chabad House  You can pay for your pie now or when you receive it.

The pies will be ready for pick up FROZEN. This can make it easier to bring it home for Thanksgiving break. 

And of course, if you would like to make a donation without getting a pie, there's an option on the form below to do that. Thank you for helping children who could use some extra joy at this time of the year.

Supplies are limited and will be available on a "first come, first serve" basis.  To ensure that your pies are reserved for you, please place your order soon!

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