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Gift of Life

Bone Marrow Registration Drive

"He who saves one life is as if he has saved the entire world" - Talmud



To be announced.



Mayer Campus Center

How long will it take?

Ten minutes.

Is there any blood taken or pain involved?

Absolutely not! 

What do I do?

Just fill out a basic form and rub a swab along the inside of your cheek.

Then what? 

The swab will be checked in a lab to define your tissue type and entered into the bone marrow registry.

How will this save a life?

If you are found at any time to be a proper match for someone needing healthy stem cells or a bone marrow transplant, you will be contacted and given the opportunity to donate the needed stem cells or bone marrow, thereby joining the lifesaving effort of the patient in need.

Every year, thousands are stricken with leukemia and other related diseases. Today, thank G‑d,  there is hope for them. Through d other blood-transplantation of healthy stem cells donated by volunteers their  lives can be saved.

Advances in transplantation technologies have made this procedure a reality for thousands who are alive today because a stranger gave them the gift of life. 

It is indeed a tragedy that so many patients who could benefit from this life-saving procedure can not be treated. In order to have a transplant, there must be a donor: a volunteer who shares a tissue type similar to the patient. For many, finding a match is no easy task.


It is for this reason that Chabad at Tufts has contacted Gift of life, a Jewish organization committed to building the worldwide bone marrow registry, to coordinate a drive.  Being a university where active citizenship is held in highregard there was a confidence that many students will join this effort.

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