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Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and you will be notified by email of your status.


Unless notified otherwise, the first Monday of each month CHALLAH will join the Board for a collaborative meeting, in which CHALLAH members may brainstorm project ideas with the Board and ensure with the treasurer that there are sufficient funds to support it.  Once greenlit and expectation/goal dates are set, CHALLAH members have ownership to assemble a team of peers or work independently to carry out their project. Outside of these monthly meetings, CHALLAH members work on their own with the constant support but not supervision of the Board and Chabad Directors.  

Members are asked only to email a brief project update to the Vice President for Events by 10pm each Sunday night to be reported at the next board meeting.


Once a member has brought a project to completion, they are welcome to remain on CHALLAH and contribute new ideas for future projects.  Members are also free to drop out of CHALLAH at any time once their project has finished.

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