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Almost there! 
for this week's Shabbat Dinner:
You can RSVP by texting  SHABBAT  to 617-295-7707.
for other events:

Text  EVENTS  to 617-295-7707.

text the code to the Chabot to RSVP for the following events:
Senior Champagne Brunch:
Commencement Shabbat Dinner: COMMENCEMENTSHABBAT
Commencement Shabbat Lunch:
Sunday Open House:

Tufts Chabad now uses a text system (the "ChaBot") to update you about upcoming Chabad events and events happening right now! RSVP for holidays, Shabbat dinner, classes and more right from your phone.


To join the ChaBot and get access to RSVP for events, text  SHALOM to 617-295-7707.

 See you soon!

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