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Purim is a joyous Jewish festival celebrated in the Spring. "Purim" means “lots” in ancient Persian, as infamous vizier Haman had drawn lots to determine when he would execute his genocide. You can pronounce this name many ways. In Eastern tradition, it is called poo-REEM. Among Westerners, it is often called PU-rim. Traditionally, people give gifts and food to make other people's day and party all night.



Annual Purim Bash

Yee haw! Purim is on its way, so saddle up your party horse and join us in celebrating this awesome holiday at the wildest party the West has ever seen!

Megillah Reading | WANTED Photo Booth | Cowbell Graggers to Boo Haman | Finest Western Themed Buffet including: Buffalo Wings, Beef Sliders, Spicy Fries, Vegan Chili, and Hamantaschen!

Bring your hats, boots, spurs and lasso for an unforgettable time. Themed costumes encouraged, yet all costumes welcome!

Monday, March 9 at 8pm

at the Chabad House

Purim Brunch

Take a few minutes to celebrate and absorb the Purim joy!

Enjoy a festive brunch, hear the Megillah read, and give gifts to those in need (your charity will feed the poor in Jerusalem on Purim Day)!

Tuesday, March 10 at noon
at the Chabad House



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