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Celebrate Passover 2021, safely and in the comfort of your own house or dorm room. Chabad is providing many resources and fully prepared meals for your to be able to celebrate the Holiday of Freedom with joy and connection! Read on for details.

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Things on campus still feel quite different these days, but the Passover holiday is arriving as it always does, with its uplifting message of freedom and possibility.

With health and safety measures not yet allowing for hosting seders in-person, we want to reassure you that we are providing the fullest possible Passover experience allowed. In a COVID safe format, To-Go packages will be filled with all the delicious Passover delicacies, crispy Matzo and step by step guidance to ensure a meaningful Passover experience in the comfort of your own home/dorm. 

RSVPs are now mandatory. After you are registered in our system by texting  SHALOM  to 617-295-7707,  you can  RSVP for all Passover resources  by texting  SHALOM  to that number.



Sell Your Chametz

A very essential and easy mitzvah of Pesach is not to own any chametz (leavened item) for the duration of the holiday.

Filling out a simple form will authorize the rabbi  to sell it on your behalf before Pesach, and buy it back afterwards.


Click here to sell your chametz today!

For guidance on searching your dorm, apartment, or house for chametz, please contact Rabbi Tzvi.

Sell by Thursday, March 25

Got Matzo?

We've got you covered! Order your authentic, handmade shmurah matzo for the Seder here. (If you've RSVP'd for the Seder-To-Go, your matzo is already included.) 

Thursday, March 25






Order a full Seder-To-Go kit!

Each kit includes handmade shmurah matzo,

seder plate items and a full dinner,     

Pick up at Chabad House 

Thursday, March 25

Pesach Dinner

No need to survive on matzo and boiled eggs! Enjoy a delicious, home-cooked Kosher-for-Passover dinner! Limited availability!

Wednesday, March 31

Chicken Shish Kebab





Pesach Shabbat-To-Go

Another wonderful Shabbat-To-Go dinner, this time its all Kosher-for-Pesach! Order to reserve your delicious home-cooked dinner.

Friday, April 2

You can give students a Seder!

Donate Now

There is no charge for the above dinners and resources, however contributions are critical to help cover the high cost of the holiday. 

Please consider contributing in one of the amounts below (or more) so the students can have the Seder they deserve even during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

$180 (Grape Juice Giver)

$360 (Matzo Giver)

$540 (Dayenu Giver) $1,800 (Seder Sponsor)

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