The High Holidays, a delicate blend of joy and solemnity, feasting and fasting, prayer and inspiration make up the spiritually charged head of the Jewish year.  

At Chabad, you will truly feel that you are with family.  Celebrate a sweet Jewish New Year with fellow classmates, delicious food, and warmth.  Attended by dozens of students and famous for its magical energy and joyous spirit, the Rosh Hashanah brisket dinners at Chabad are the perfect way to welcome the new year.  Then observe intimate, meaningful, traditional Yom Kippur services, blended with contemporary messages—no prior knowledge or experience necessary!



Rosh Hashanah Brisket Dinner

Candle Lighting 6:30pm

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Friday, September 18

Rosh Hashanah Services and Luncheon

Morning Mini Service: 9-10:20am
Morning Full Service: 

Shofar: 10am, 12pm, 2pm

Luncheon: 2pm

Monday, September 30 at 9am





Tashlich Walk to the Mystic River

Monday, September 30 at 4:15pm

Rosh Hashanah Brisket Dinner