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Join our family and many of your friends for user-friendly and elegant Seders with home-cooked delicious brisket dinner, and crispy hand-made matzo in an atmosphere of family warmth.  We offer a Jumbo Seder in Breed Memorial Hall the first night and a more intimate family Seder the second night - come for one or both!

The hallmark of Passover is for eight days not eating chametz.  To make it easier to enjoy kosher-for-Passover food on campus, we offer delicious, home-cooked meals throughout the holiday.

Reservations are required for all meals. Each meal will be prepared based on the number of reservations. To join the ChaBot and get access to RSVP for meals, text   SHALOM  to 617-295-7707. If you are not yet on the bot, you can also RSVP via email at

All meals will be held at Chabad unless indicated otherwise.


At the Chabad House, the Passover Seders are held in a warm family setting just like home. It's a meaningful and enjoyable experience with stories and songs, fine wines, delicious, homemade gourmet dinners. The Chabad House also provides homemade kosher for Passover meals all week long.

There is no charge for the Seders and dinners, however we welcome and encourage contributions to help cover the high cost of the holiday. 

$54 (Seder for one)

$180 (table donor)

$360 (table partner)

$540 (Seder table)

$720 (Seder patron)

$1800 (sponsor)



Passover Prep

The Preparations for Pesach begin well before the holiday - including ridding our belongings of chametz. Click here to sell your chametz today!

For guidance in searching your dorm or apartment for chametz, or for assistance in the burning of chametz, please contact 
Rabbi Tzvi.


Sell your chametz by Sunday, April 21!

For other halachic times regarding the removal of chametz, click here.

Day 0


Holiday Candle Lighting: 7:17pm

First Seder in Breed Memorial Hall - 51 Winthrop 

Matzo Ball Reception: 6:45pm

Seating Begins: 7:15pm

First Seder Begins: 7:30pm

Monday, April 22



Passover Plate



Day 1


Holiday Lunch, Chabad House: 12:30pm

Holiday Candle Lighting 8:21pm

Holiday Services: 8:30pm

Second Seder Begins, Chabad House: 9:00pm

Tuesday, April 23

Roasted Turkey

Day 2


Holiday Lunch, Chabad House: 12:30pm

Chag Ends: 8:22pm

Wednesday, April 24






Day 3


Community Lunch, Chabad House: 12:30 - 1:30pm

Late Night Community Dinner, Chabad House: 8pm

Thursday, April 25

Salmon Dish

Day 4


Shabbat Candle Lighting: 7:21pm

Shabbat Dinner: 7:30pm

Friday, April 26





Day 5


Shabbat Lunch: 12:30pm

Shabbat Ends: 8:26pm

Saturday, April 27

Simple Green Salad

Day 6


Light Holiday Candles after 7:23pm

Holiday Services: 7:45pm

Holiday Dinner, Chabad House: 8:00pm

Sunday, April 28



Cherry Tomato Salad



Day 7


Holiday Lunch, Chabad House: 12:30pm

Holiday Candle Lighting after 8:29pm

Holiday Services: 8:45pm

Holiday Dinner, Chabad House: 9:00pm

Monday, April 29

Day 8


Holiday Lunch, Chabad House: 12:30pm

Passover Ends, Chabad House: 8:30pm

Tuesday, April 30



​All meals will be held at Chabad unless indicated otherwise.

We will host and serve the meals in a COVID-safe environment. 

For more great Passover resources, check out!

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